Just the tables


Garlands or large centrepieces for up to 12 guest tables, and up to a 24ft head table 



 Everything in Just The Tables package, with the addition of a full standard head table backdrop, separate sweetheart floral backdrop, and your choice of a custom designed backdrop for a photo area, desert table, behind the bar etc 

grand Ceremony


Whether it's a secret garden running  down each side of the aisle, large floral bundles attached to each bench, or a greenery filled moon arch to set the scene, it is included in this package.  

The whole shebang


Not a stone left unturned, this package has it all.  Packages Grand Ceremony, Just The Tables and Reception,  along with the addition of up to 6 cocktail arrangements, 5 signage and accent table arrangements or garlands, and 1 additional  custom floral backdrop/instalment for photo area, desert table, bar etc 

Can't touch this


Please note, because we are so passionate and involved with the creative aspect of your designs, we leave no room  to provide items such as table linens, desert trays, chair covers, furniture or dinnerware.  We would be more than happy to connect you with trusted companies that do!  


If you don't have a dream, how can you have a dream come true?